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Food to Some, Poison to Others Book

Terry Traub has first-hand experience with
severe food allergies...just ask her family...

Terry has two sons, both with Celiac Disease. The youngest also has lactose intolerance. Her husband just showed symptoms of Celiac in the last two years.

Terry's first book "The Food Allergy Detection Program" was written in response to the trauma the family went through trying to detect what her boys were allergic to. Their predicament made her aware that other children and adults may have problems similar to her first son, Garrett. They may have reactions to multiple foods like her youngest son, Adam. Terry developed an elimination diet to isolate the allergens causing these problems. However, unlike other elimination diets, her method was in recipe form, not just a list of foods to avoid. Also unlike the elimination diets of the time she stayed away from any saturated fats during the diet. The reason she eliminated these fat from her diet program was that individuals with compromised stomachs cannot digest fatty lipids. So food with high fat content (ham, bacon, anything with lard, fat found in steaks) can cause stomach distress and the inability to digest and absorbs food. Terry's diet starts with a 12 day detox, with the individual eating only foods considered safe. After the 12 days, then a suspected food is introduced for 3 days. After the first trial, the individual goes back to the safe diet for 4 days or more until they are ready to try the next suspect food. Some foods like cow's milk lactose intolerance will show almost immediately, others like Gluten intolerance (Celiac) will take three days to show symptoms. In Terry's book there isn't any guess work on what to do. A pantry list is provided, a list of what to prepare and recipes of each dish are also provided. Suggestions on where to purchase these foods are provided. This "How To" book should help most people to navigate their way through the mucky waters of allergy detection. By methodically and sequentially introducing suspect foods the results noted should show some pattern of response, making it easier for the doctor to provide a good diagnosis.

Milk allergies can be painful

Terry's new book "Food to Some, Poison to Others" is an expanded version of the first book. While primarily it is still an elimination diet, more has been added to the book. The book recognizes the problems with GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and proceeds to change the way the food is prepared to help with these diseases. The book has added a chapter entitled "On the Road," which gives tips and advice on eating out. The recipes are new or revised, with her husband and friends testing them. Terry did not like the texture of the Gluten-free flour blends that she found in other books, so she developed at new flour blend for Gluten-free cooking. One last note on this book, the ingredients in this book (except for the Gluten-free flours) can be exchanged for nonorganic ingredients. In other words, if after testing you find you are not allergic to milk products you may safely substitute butter for milk-free margarine. The recipes can handle the substitutions. Again, Gluten-free flours are the only non-exchangeable ingredient.