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Gluten-free Holiday Meals Are Getting Easier To Do

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

The supermarkets and health food stores in this country are making gluten-free meals easier.  I still remember in the 70′s and 80′s when I had make everything from scratch.  Now with pre-made flours, baking mixes, and breadcrumbs everything is pretty much a snap to cook.  When my kids were young they used to sneak cookies from their friends houses.  Now gluten-free cookies are tasty and most individuals including children cannot tell the difference between gluten-free and flour based cookies.

Holiday meals are easier.  Before in my book “Food to Some, Poison to Others”, with my stuffing recipe on page 102, you had to make your own bread for the stuffing.  Now you can just buy the bread loaf (I like Udi).  True the breads are smaller than home-made but they are also less yeasty tasting.  Just add an other loaf to make up the difference in size.  I still do not like the gravy dry mixes.  I still taste an “after taste” with the package brands.  I recommend to still use my gravy recipe on page 180. Instructions are in the recipe for preparing the gravy to a certain point ahead of time(keeps for about a week) and then adding your thickener, be it arrowroot or corn starch on Thanksgiving (or Christmas).  Gluten-free turkeys are not longer a problem, gluten-free crusts and rolls can be found in the frozen section of the market.  Gluten-free desserts are all the rage now and very easy to find.  I like to make crab cakes for appetizers as one of my Thanksgiving appetizers.  I use Aleias gluten-free breadcrumbs which come “plain or Italian seasoning”. The morning after I usually make gluten-free pancakes or waffles.  My grandchildren cannot taste the difference.  With all the great additions in the supermarket, you the parent,  have time to enjoy the Holidays instead of being trapped in the kitchen baking.  Happy Holidays!