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Raising Healthy Gluten-free Children

Monday, August 14th, 2017

With all allergy children, it takes hours of diligent care and awareness to keep these children healthy and safe.  Educating your children, their playmates, parents, care-givers, and teachers is critical.  You cannot assume anything with individuals outside your sphere.  As an example, one night my husband and I went out to dinner.  I explained to the babysitter that the boys could not have any form of wheat and showed her the acceptable foods for the boys.  After we left, the babysitter told  the boys ” Let’s get pizza, that not wheat it’s flour. ”  I can thank the California State Education system for her lack of education.

With meals, it is important to make your meals healthy, tasty and colorful.  Using colorful vegetables and meals with gluten-free ingredients is very important.  There are many items available today that were not around before.  Still knowing how to cook is very important.  An example is gluten-free pasta, you can make great pasta meals with this type of pasta.  You just need to understand that this pasta may need to cook longer, that you do not cook it al a dente, and it generally will not do well as a left-over.  Other tricks are great breadcrumbs for cooking cutlets like those in  Chicken Parmesan.  Use a bread crumb mixture like gluten-free Aleias, a combination of white rice flour and sorghum flour for dipping the meat in flour if needed, and real Romano cheese (made from sheep) instead of Parmesan cheese.  You can make spaghetti with meatballs, you just have to make the meatballs yourself.  I hope the gluten-free type will come out soon.  Until then make enough for more than one dinner and freeze the rest.

Try to include your children with preparing dinners.  Since our schools systems have minimal classes on nutrition or where food comes from (At least in my state).  It is important to not only teach them how to cook but where food comes from.  Planting a garden, is a great idea.  It really helps with a picky eater, who might try something they grew. These children need this type of instructions because there will be a 39% to 50% chance that their children will also have these allergies. The more the children participate in food preparation for meals, the more they will be educated on their needs and will be ready to face all the challenges that their allergies cause as they grow into adults.

Men and Gluten-free Food

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

I think men have the hardest time with gluten-free foods. First, they do not want other people to know that they need to be gluten-free unless it is really bad.  Second, they have a hard time with the different taste of gluten-free foods.  Granted that gluten-free products are getting better. I just saw that Starbucks has a gluten-free Canadian bacon and egg biscuit.  I am assuming it taste good, but haven’t tried it yet.  Many companies are seeing the need for gluten-free foods and trying to fill this need.   Biscuits are not high rising doughs like breads which are the real problems when it comes to gluten-free eating.  The breads will not rise like normal gluten breads nor will they taste the same.  Most men would rather eat a cracker than eat a gluten-free bread.  The process for bread making  is just not there yet.  I am very encourage that meat manufacturers like “Columbia meats” are producing gluten-free meats, and mayonnaise is now gluten-free with many manufacturers.  I must caution about mustard manufacturers, I was surprised that some still use gluten to thicken the mustard.  My husband is an expert cooking gluten-free pastas.  The extra time it takes for gluten-free pastas he has done to the minute.  In gluten-free products, I must say that muffins and cake have made the most strides.  I am especially impressed with ”Flax 4 Life” muffins.  They are tasty and good for you.  For the home maker, have faith, things are getting better in the gluten-free world.