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Men and Gluten-free Food

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

I think men have the hardest time with gluten-free foods. First, they do not want other people to know that they need to be gluten-free unless it is really bad.  Second, they have a hard time with the different taste of gluten-free foods.  Granted that gluten-free products are getting better. I just saw that Starbucks has a gluten-free Canadian bacon and egg biscuit.  I am assuming it taste good, but haven’t tried it yet.  Many companies are seeing the need for gluten-free foods and trying to fill this need.   Biscuits are not high rising doughs like breads which are the real problems when it comes to gluten-free eating.  The breads will not rise like normal gluten breads nor will they taste the same.  Most men would rather eat a cracker than eat a gluten-free bread.  The process for bread making  is just not there yet.  I am very encourage that meat manufacturers like “Columbia meats” are producing gluten-free meats, and mayonnaise is now gluten-free with many manufacturers.  I must caution about mustard manufacturers, I was surprised that some still use gluten to thicken the mustard.  My husband is an expert cooking gluten-free pastas.  The extra time it takes for gluten-free pastas he has done to the minute.  In gluten-free products, I must say that muffins and cake have made the most strides.  I am especially impressed with ”Flax 4 Life” muffins.  They are tasty and good for you.  For the home maker, have faith, things are getting better in the gluten-free world.