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New Industries for Food Allergy and Intolerance Testing

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Any time there are problems for humans, someone will come up with an idea to cure or improve the problem.  Two companies have done just that. and are providing easy new testing for food allergies.  One utilizes hair DNA, the other uses blood samples through the patient’s physician.  Whether these companies will really help is a question.  Only time will tell.  Both companies are charging hefty amounts for their testing.  I will keep an eye on both these companies and report back with further information.

Another company new to the Allergy and Research arena is “FARE” Food Allergy Research and Education.  This company/research group has come up with some promising research on peanut allergies.  It seems that FARE’s research has discovered that those individuals with peanut allergies are missing a particular “gut bacteria” needed to digest peanuts.  This study supports the theory I have offered in my blogs that  humans cannot mutate fast enough to digest certain foods.  We all hope that this research on peanuts will progress quickly to help those affected with this very dangerous allergy.