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Parents Feeling the Stress of Increased Celiac Disease Incidence

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Times are changing.  Celiac Disease instead of being the exception, it is now the rule.  More and more children are showing symptoms of Celiac Disease in this century.  The consumer at large does not understand that exposing babies and toddlers to processed food at an early age may lead to this increase of the disease.  Only after their children are affected then the parents must learn what foods and additives their child need to stay away from.  The changes to the family are financial, emotional,  social and physically.  Financial due to the extra cost of gluten-free products, emotional due to the food items the children may no longer eat, socially due to the children feeling isolated from their friends not able to partake in foods their friends eat.  Physically because may doctors will not test for Celiac Disease until the child is seriously affected.  The gold standard of diagnosis (elimination diet), treatment, and follow-up remains controversial and confusing due to many and various symptoms of this disease.

Another problem is the attitudes of non-family members and some individuals at restaurants.  Some, not all, feel (this from recent research), that these allergies are no big deal.  There perception of the problem is considered minor and a little cheating is not a problem.

The above problems cause considerable stress to the parents of these Celiac Disease children.  More research is needed for treatments, prevention and diagnosis of Celiac disease.  More gluten-free diets need to be available to the population at large at a lower cost than present times.