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Suggested Diets for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases such as Asthma, Arthritis, and Celiac Disease

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Inflammation has much to do with many of the chronic diseases known to man.  The ones that I am concentrating on today are Asthma, Arthritis and Celiac Disease.  Why, because Asthma seems to hit individuals early and later in life.  While Arthritis comes later in life and Celiac Disease spans the entire life of an individual.  So I am covering with these diseases, the entire life span of an individual.  So what do all these diseases have in common?  Answer inflammation of one sort or another.  The idea to combat these diseases is to eat foods that are anti-inflammatory.

Starting with Gluten-free food, these flours are an excellent source of anti-inflammatory foods. They have been proven effective for pain and injury in arthritis, helping stop the formation of the inflammation factor in asthma, and just a plain miracle food in Celiac Disease.

Apples are wonderful anti-inflammatory and pro alkaline fruit.  The old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is really true.  Research indicates that eating 3 to 5 apples a week will decrease asthma attacks approximately 30 percent.  It will also decrease gastric reflux attacks.

Tart cherries are known to have the highest anti-inflammatory content of most foods.  Studies have shown tart cherries, juice and dried cherries especially effective for osteoarthritis pain.

Caffeine has been shown to prevent inflammation in the development of cardiovascular and other diseases.  New studies are showing that people that drink coffee live longer.

A new study on postmenopausal women noted that a diet of anti-inflammatory foods such as: healthy fats, vegetables and fruit, whole grains and gluten-free grains, prevented osteoporosis and bone fracture.

Lastly, researchers have found that resveratrol, a compound in red wine, has anti-inflammatory effects.

Lists of more specific foods that are anti-inflammatory can be found online.

The Difference Between Food Allergies and Food Intolerance

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

It is time to revisit the difference between food allergies and food intolerance or sensitivies.  An allergic reaction to a food is severe, immediate, and can be life threatening.  While a food intolerance/sensitivity is not life threatening and can be ambiguous.  Food Intolerances can show up to three days later.  Food allergy reactions are many, the worst being anaphylactic shock, swollen tongue, problems with breathing, asthma, loss of consciousness,etc.  Food intolerance symptoms are many and can be difficult to recognize.  Visit my blog entitled: “The 35 Symptoms of Celiac Disease” dated April 23rd, 2011, for the unusual and unknown symptoms of gluten intolerance.  The symptoms can range from a rash, G.I. tract disturbances, to slight inflamation, slow growth, and many other symptoms.  Foods that cause food allergies are specific such as crustaceans, fish, and nuts; the worst being peanuts.  Just the oil from the peanut or the smell of the fish can cause a severe reaction.  Food intolerance foods are sometimes a mystery, however, gluten and dairy products are becoming well know as two foods that cause food intolerance. 

The word “Food Allergy” is used loosely by both the health professionals and lay persons.  It has made the communication and discussion of food allergies and food intolerance difficult.  Until another word is used to distingish between the two, lay people and health professionals will stubble along many times misundertanding each other.