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Holiday Ideas for Gluten-free Feasts

The Holidays are almost upon us and we are busy in the kitchen pre-making items for our holiday table. This year my youngest son is coming.  Not only is he  gluten-free, but also is dairy-free.  I am up to this challenge.  This Thanksgiving I am starting with the fruit filled cornucopia with our family’s traditional little chocolate heresy’s for the kids to pick from.  For appetizers I am having cut up veggies with hummus, hot Reuben dip (made with mayonnaise) with gluten-free toast points, and shrimp dip (made from chopped cocktail shrimp, chopped celery and green onions, mayonnaise, salt and pepper). The crackers for this is Bretons gluten-free “Garlic and Herb” crackers.  Luckily no one in our family is allergic to crustaceans.  If any one in your family is, make sure that you do not cross-contaminate utensils and cutting boards with the shrimp. I am also having asparagus with pieces of dry Coppa ham attached to them with Tofutti cream cheese (an imitation cream cheese) flavored with garlic powder and chopped chives.  The turkey is organic and gluten-free.  Be careful some turkeys have gluten in the basting. Right now I have gluten-free bread that has been trimmed and cubed drying in a bowl for the stuffing.  I am using Udi white bread and a new gluten-free artisan bread by La Brea Bakery. For the stuffing, I am using my recipe “Savory Chicken Stuffing” from my book page 102, and premade part of my gravy “Turkey/Chicken gravy” page 180.  It can be made about 2 days ahead.  I will add to the gravy on Thanksgiving.  I plan to have Brussel sprouts and Apple Waldorf salad.  For the salad I am using “honey crisp” apples with celery, pecans, and mayonnaise.  My husband is intolerant of walnuts, so that is why the change.  For dessert, of course pumpkin pie with a gluten-free crust.  The only thing now needed is family.  Leave your politics and biases at the door, just bring love.  Happy Holidays

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