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Parents of Food Allergy Children And Their Frustrations

The parents of Food Allergy children are getting frustrated. The children of America are increasingly becoming allergic to many foods. Most of the allergen foods are: cow’s milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, and eggs.  A great deal of the children are developing anaphylactic responses instead of just intolerance.  So we are getting more and more intense responses to food allergens.  The immunotherapy that will reduce the anaphylactic response has been under study for years.  What is available is very expensive and some what reliable.  The researchers keep promising that this therapy readiness is just down the road, but they have been promising that for years.  Parents should be frustrated. So far the only reliable therapy is elimination of the allergen.  This  is difficult, and time consuming for the parents and now schools

Data is showing that food allergies are on the rise and becoming an epidemic.  Food Allergies are doubling every 10 years.  Experts are still wondering if the reason is genes or environment.  I would like to inject my opinion on this.  I have been watching the experts and researching this problem since 1979, and I have come up with a theory.  It is: while some allergies were noted back in the time of the Roman Empire; the proliferation of processed food with milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, and eggs, mixed into our food and non-food products such as cosmetics cause our bodies to react to these allergens in what is called an “Iceberg effect”.  That is it reacts with our body and causes changes without the awareness of the individual.  Sometimes it is a gene change, sometimes it is sensitivity and inflammation of the body that is explained away by scientists or physicians as abnormal.  Whatever happens, the true effect seems to happen worse on the second or third generation in the family.  What I am trying to point out is, when we try new products that have processed food in them, we may be affecting our generations to follow.  Eating natural foods may be the best gifts you can give your children and grandchildren.  It takes generations for a species to adapt to new environments (and foods).  Try not to ingest new foods unless you know what is in the food.  Stay away from fast food restaurants whenever possible to prevent new allergies in your family tree.

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