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Want Early Dementia? Eat another Donut.

Sugar in any form seems to be the guilty culprit again.  Two recent studies out this summer found that individuals consuming high levels of sugar have a higher risk of developing dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease).  So what is a high level of sugar?  A normal amount of sugar in the blood is considered to be 100 milligrams per deciliter.  Only 15 more milligrams per deciliter in the blood was found to make the difference in the dementia risk.  It is even worse for those with diabetes.

The studies followed individuals who had reached the age of 65.  These individuals were then monitored for years.  The studies received about 17 blood samples per individual over the years.  So far no study has been initiated to see if changes to the diet will lower the risk of dementia.  One of the biggest problems of individuals over the age of 65 is changing patterns and getting around processed food.  Many individuals have been eating a certain way for so long it is hard to change.  Processed foods with it’s hidden sugars make it difficult for the lay person to discover what foods contain dangerous high sugars. Learning to shop and cook a new way is a definite challenge for the Baby Boomers who are turning 65- 10,000 individuals a day.

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