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Archive for October, 2016

Interpreting New Allergy Research

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Several new studies are out on Food Allergy management.  These studies have produced some interesting new results.

1. Immunotherapy- Patch immunotherapy and identification of molecular motor Kinesin-1 that controls mast cells are two promising studies.  These two studies are exciting.  While one shows that immunotherapy patches are useful in lowering allergic triggers, the other has identified the molecular motor that controls the release of inflammatory factor reacting to allergens.  Obviously both of these studies are just at the beginning stage.  But these results and studies are very encouraging.

2.  Baked foods – This study has found that an allergic individual can sometimes tolerate baked versions of the allergy causing food.  I want to suggest caution with this study especially regarding diary allergies. Diary products have two proteins in them, one is casein the other lactose. Soft cheese and sour cream have more proteins to denature through the baking that do hard cheeses.  In most cases the casein is already denatured or reduced in hard cheeses.  I, myself have experienced a reaction to sour cream baked in a recipe, while have no problems with cheddar cheese baked into a recipe. Check your physician and research the cheeses before you experiment.