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Archive for March, 2016

Is It IBS Or Gluten Intolerance? Part 2

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

In my prior Blog I mentioned various symptoms that relate to IBS.  I did not mention last time about the various tests and MRI scans that the physicians can now use and many new medications such as Viberzi that are being used and tested.  These issues you should discuss with your physician.  The food triggers that seems to start symptoms of IBS are many.  Some I noted in my prior Blog such as: dairy products, alcohol, chocolate, fruits, and fatty meats. Eating out can be a scary exercise due to the response you might get.  Use of probiotics, Acidophilus (in pill or yogurt form) is a must.  Extra fiber is also recommended.  It use to be “psyllum seed” was the fiber of choice.  Now other fibers such as ” acacia senegal” are also used.

Lost of the Lactose enzyme is common in IBS.  Whether it is restored or not depends on the individual, their health, and their age.

Gluten Intolerance is an auto-immune response to the protein “gluten”.  Once you ingest the protein is takes up to 72 hours for the response.  The reaction also goes away up to 72 hours after the last amount of gluten is ingested.  If the reaction is immediate it is not intolerance.  It can be an allergy which is treated differently.  Consult you physician.  Lactose intolerance can be associated with gluten intolerance.  It has been my experience that once the gluten problem is under control, the lactose intolerance will also cease.  However, again this is not always true with each individual’s response being different.  Once again the age issue is important for the person to be able to ingest diary product again.