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Archive for June, 2015

Are We All Allergic to Gluten?

Monday, June 29th, 2015

No we are not all allergic to gluten.  But a great many of us are suffering many side effects from gluten, especially with the increase ingestion of bread and pastries on the part of the population.  One of the biggest effects is inflammation.  Many individuals have diseases that increased inflammation will cause more pain.  One such disease that is almost constant in an individual’s life is arthritis.  Many studies are showing that decreased amounts of gluten ingested in turn decreases the amount of inflammation associated with arthritis and relieves the pain in hands, knees, feet, etc.  Gluten also effects other diseases in a negative manner.  Examples are: diabetes, obesity, lupus, Sjogren disease, and others.

Individuals that have the gene handed down by their ancestors are the one’s that have a severe reaction to gluten.  They are a small portion of the population generally from Irish, Scottish and other European ancestry.  The reason more individuals are reacting to gluten is a change to flours made in the late 1930s.  Bakers wanted to make their products fluffier and more attractive.  So EXTRA GLUTEN was added to the normal flour.  This gave us Soft White Breads, Donuts and Pastries that were light, puffy, and easy to eat.  Unfortunately, these products with this gluten enriched flour, wiped out  the normal nutrition that breads had and contained the extra gluten that affected not the first generation that ate it, but the second and following generations.  This is why the gluten problems is now at pandemic proportions throughout Europe and the U.S.