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Archive for October, 2014

New Recipes for Back-to-School Lunches

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

I just published some new recipes for school in the Recipe section.  They are some great sandwiches based on ciabatta bread buns.  I found a recipe for gluten-free ciabbatta buns on the internet under “Eat Live Grow Paleo”.   The recipe was easy and interesting; but a little yeasty and needed some work.  I changed and added some different flours and added rosemary for a savory flavor. Also my oven would not heat up fast enough for the recipe.  So I made another adjustment.  Most individual have electric ovens which take longer.  For those with gas ovens they should probably use the heating instructions of original recipe from Paleo. My result was a great tasting bread that can be used for sandwiches and also garlic bread.  The buns are cut for sandwiches and are easily frozen for fast use.

Most of the sandwiches are for middle or high school students.  The sandwiches can be made in the morning and the sauces will soak into the bread giving it a nice flavor.  The sandwiches are: 1. meatloaf sandwich- which uses my turkey/sausage recipe in my book, page 110.  This recipe makes two tasty meatloaves, one that can be served for dinner and the other saved for sandwiches.  2. Muffuletta sandwich- this sandwich comes from New Orleans is a favorites with men and boys alike.  It involves making a special sauce that can be frozen later for future sandwiches.  The sauce is spooned on the ciabatta bun and then layers of different types of salami, ham, and cheese are placed on the bun.  It is a high sandwich.  3. Chicken pesto aioli sandwich- Using pesto aioli on the bun place either chicken deli meat or pounded cooked chicken for the sandwich.  4.  Portabella Mushroom sandwich – This is a mushroom sandwich that is put in a marinate for a time before the mushroom is cooked.  It can be cooked the night before and placed on the bun in the morning with a garlic aioli.  These sandwiches will give the Celiac student some delicious choices for lunch. Check out my Back-to-School Recipes section for these sandwiches.