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Archive for May, 2014

Sugar in My Peanut Butter (Part 1)

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

The other day, I wanted a healthy snack,  I got out my peanut butter and cut up some celery.  I spread the peanut butter on the celery and took a bite.  I got an unpleasant surprise.  My peanut butter and celery tasted sugary.  I took a look at the peanut butter and sure enough sugar was the second ingredient on the label.  The sugar which is listed as a carbohydrate was listed as 8 grams.  Sublisted was : Dietary fiber- 2 grams, added sugars- 3 grams.  Where was the other 3 grams?  I am assuming that the other three grams are natural sugars.  That equals 6 grams that are listed as three.  So we are consuming more sugar than we realize.  According to the Guideline Daily Amount (GDA), the recommended amount of sugar (all forms) for a male adult  is 90 grams, 40 grams natural sugar, 50 grams is added sugars.  One can get their limit for the day with just two regular sodas.  If you have any heart issuses your sugar limit is 9 teaspooons / 36 grams for a male, 6 teaspoons/ 25 grams for females.  Most individuals in the United States consume 200 grams or more a day.  Is it any wonder that the population is getting sicker and heavier.

Sugar is found in many processed foods that may surprise you.  Like my peanut butter surprise, condiments such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, frozen meats, frozen dinners, canned fruits and vegetables all contain added sugar in one form (such as corn syrup) or another.  Trying to decrease the amount of hidden sugar is hard.  First try walking in the outer aisle of the supermarket.  This is your first step.

To be continued…………………