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Archive for December, 2013

The Benefits of “an Apple a day”.

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

What does ”an Apple a day” have to do with heart attack and strokes?  The newest thinking by the medical community is to give statins to most individuals over the age of 50.  But the side effects of statins are not that good.  So a study using mathematical models formulated the results of individuals eating “an apple a day” came up with some interesting results.  With the individuals participating with good compliance, the results were interesting.  It found that “an apple a day” does work.  For over 50 year olds, eating an apple a day prevented 8,500 deaths from heart attacks and stroke versus  the individuals taking statin the prevention number was 9,400 but had the side effect of risk of muscle  disease and diabetes in the thousands.  This begs the question “What happen if you do both? Take statins and eat an apple a day?”  Talking to your doctor for the best option for you is the ideal recourse.  The study went on to note that for 30 year olds the “an apple a day” was one of the best ways to prevent heart attack and stroke that may plaque this age group in future years.

The apple is already know for it’s anti-gastric reflux properties.  An apple is extremely alkaline and it helps balance the acid in one’s stomach.  It will not cause you to gain extra weight and will help with your digestion.  What more could you want.  An Apple a day does keep the doctor away.