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Archive for November, 2013

Dangers at Holiday Feasts

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Everyone is anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving meals and Christmas meals.  Families use these times for reunions and just getting the family together from their busy schedules.  Tons of Turkey, gravy, mash potatoes, stuffing, appetizers, cookies, breads, and  pumpkin pies, are being prepared.  Here lies the dangers- mass amounts of food and alcohol  will be consumed.  Lacking in these meals are multiple vegetables, and salads.  This means that the meals will be VERY ACIDY.  Gastric Reflux will be just one of the possible reactions of your guests.  Others problems that the fire department get frequently during the holidays are: Syncope ( loss of consciousness), strokes and TIA (Mini stroke), choking, heart problems, anxiety problems, and  alcohol related problems.  There are a few simple things you can do to help prevent these issues.  For appetizers stay aware from foods that contain high amounts of salt, examples are: processed cheeses, shrimp, deviled eggs and others.  High dairy content dips like those with cream cheese are also a problem.  Hummus is a great substitute for dairy dips.  Vegetables like stuffed mushrooms is another great substitute.  Tortilla chips are gluten-free normally, but are very high in calories.  Organic turkeys are a good choice.  Cooking the stuffing separately will prevent any bacteria problems with the stuffing.  Instead of using  only potatoes for the mash potatoes add cooked cauliflower or parsnips.  I tried it no one noticed.  Add more cooked vegetables and salad to balance out the acid of this meal.  Apples are very BASIC so an apple salad is a great addition to your meal.  When dishing up the meal, try (this part is hard) to give moderate amounts to the plate.  Let your guests go back for more if they need to.  Beside alcohol and sodas which are very acidy, have plenty of water bottles available and water glasses on the table.  Try and get everyone to walk after the dinner to help digest the meal.  If any senior takes a nap after the meal, monitor them afterwards for confusion or difficulty with speech.  Hopefully these suggestions will ensure a healthy and happy gathering.  Happy Holidays!