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Will Obamacare Endanger the Insurance of Families with Food Allergy Children?

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Just last September 2013 a report came out from the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology concerning the cost of Food Allergy related expenses in the U.S.  The costs are the following: 15 millions have food allergies an 18 percent increase since 1997, during the same years peanut allergies have tripled.  Six million children have some form of food allergy.  The direct medical cost is $724 per child and 4.3 million for the nation.  Out-of pocket expenses are $931 per child and 5.5 billion nationally; lost work productivity is $130 per child and .8 billion nationally.  For lost work opportunities it is $2,399 per child and 14.2 billion nationally.  This equals to $4,184 per child and 25 billion nationally.  Every 3 minutes a food allergy send someone to the emergency room and it is every 6 minutes for anaphylactic reactions.  Other research shows that being born and living in the U.S. raises allergy risks.  Fast food has been linked to asthma, and severe eczema in children.  A none countable impact of allergy children on families is the challenge of constantly watching and education people in contact with their children.  Most parents are living with the fear that something might trigger an allergic reaction an anytime.  These parents are also sacrificing travel, pleasure trips, and money to keep their children safe.  The stress involved puts a strain on the parents and the family unit.  Now add to that the threat that Obamacare was  not really  explained to the public and insurance companies are now allowed because of Obamacare to dump expensive patients on the exchanges. This puts even more stress on the family budget and coping skills.