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Archive for July, 2013

At Last some Good News On Food Allergies

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

As you may or may not know, humans as a species will take about a hundred years to mutate to any new influences be it food or environment.  When the new influence is overwhelming to the population it results in a phethora of reactions.  Food allergies is just one the reactions to processed foods that are barely 30-40 years old.  In the past only a minority of individuals and children reacted to the foods.  However, recently a pandemic of reactions is affecting individuals in both the USA and Europe.  Most of these reactions are due to the constant mutation and changes to the food we are ingesting.  Our bodies cannot mutate fast enought for the new foods.  A couple of studies will hopefully give relieve to individuals reacting negatively.  One study that shows promise is a study on animals to get individual immune system not to react  to food allergies as a threat.  This is in it’s early stages of the study.  Another study, an old one, is to give the individual tiny amounts of the allergen to cause a small reaction and start building the individual’s immune system to the allergen.  This is done under strict medical supervision.  Another study closely connected to the prior study will put tiny amounts of the allergen under the individual’s tongue.  Again trying to build up the immune system and under very strict medical supervision.  The last study is based on Chinese Medicine.  an herbal formula is given to the allergic individual.  The theory behind this study is that the solution will alter the immune response.  These studies and other will someday find a solution for allergic individuals.  Until that day the best medicine is to stay away from processed foods.