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Archive for June, 2013

More About Gastric Reflux

Friday, June 21st, 2013

So many people have Gastric Reflux and have not asked their physician about it.  Because of the cancer threats, no one should put off visiting your doctor.  With so many medications available for this problem it should be an easy visit.  What is not easy is trying to change our way of eating to prevent Gastric Reflux.   Americans’ favorite meal: hamburger, milkshake, and  fries is the fastest way to get Gastric Reflux.  The meat is acid, the bun is acid,the milk is acid, the potatoes are alkaline but frying makes them acid, even the catsup is acid.  There is not enough lettuce on the bun to overcome the amount of acid put into the stomach.  The other problem that we Americans have is what time we eat dinner.  Our stomachs NEEDS 15 hours to digest a meal.  If we lay down within one or two hours after eating we will get Gastric Reflux- GUARANTEED!  Our ancestors did not eat the big meal at night.  They ate a big meal from 2 PM to 5PM.  The work schedule of Americans has lead to this eating problem.  If we want to try to get back to our ancestors healthy way of life, maybe start eating the biggest meal at lunch and just appetizors at an early dinner would work. Another problem is the ratio of acid to alkaline foods in our diet.  Like the hamburger meal, our meals have too much acid and not enough alkaline.  Salads, vegetables and fruits are frequently missing on an American dinner table.  The individuals end up eating too much acid. The final problem with American meals is sugar.  Forget eating sugar desserts at night.  Especially forget consuming chocolate at night.  The chocolate contains a chemical that relaxes the LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter) and allows stomach acid to come up from the stomach into the esophageal burning the tissue.  Fruit is the best dessert at night.  Keep the chocolate for mornings and afternoons. Try having the heavy meal at lunch and the light meal at supper(an early dinner).  Ending the meal with coffee brings more acid into the equation.  Try and get away from that.  Hopefully these tips will prevent the occurance of Gastric Reflux for you and your family.