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Archive for May, 2013

My May 31st, 2012 Blog On Gastric Reflux Validated by Recent Studies.

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Last year I wrote a blog called: “Avoiding Gastric Reflux (Heartburn) While on Vacation”.  In this blog I listed the things to do to avoid Gastric Reflux.  Those being: Wait 3 hours at night before laying down and using a raised pillow if needed.  No alcohol before sleeping, no chocolate (the reasons are in the 5-31-12 blog), no fatty foods, no oranges or tomatoes (both have too much acid) before sleeping.  Instead stay with light vegetables and protein prior to sleeping.  Try not to use prescription medications by eating more alkaline foods. Exercise and try to stay thin.  In other blogs I touched on pregnancy and obesity causing Gastric Reflux.  Now the newest study goes one step further.  The study by the American Cancer Society shows that we need to do all the things I listed  but also use over the counter remedies for Gastric Reflux.  Their emphasis is on Cancer prevention.  Their study showed that if you have Gastric Reflux more than two days a week you have a 78% risk of developing cancers of the throat, esophagus, vocal chords, etc.  However, the problems with prescription medications and some over-the -counter medications are mainly Osteoporosis.  Constant use of these medication increases the risk of Osteoporosis later in life.  So if you do not want cancers of the throat then you need to eat less fatty foods, weight less, eat more vegetables, eat smaller amounts.  Alcohol intake needs to happen early in the evening, then wait three hours before laying down.  Understanding what foods are acid and what foods are alkaline will help you make the needed changes in your diet for a longer,healthier life.