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Archive for December, 2012

Mental Illness and Gluten: A Rising Concern

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Many of us are aware of the Gastro-intestinal effects of Gluten.  However, less are aware of the other 35 symptoms of gluten toxin effect on individuals.  One discussed rarely is its effect on the brain.  Studies have shown the due to the permeability of the intestine in gluten sensitive individuals, many toxins and peptides can be released into the blood stream and in suseptable individuals pass through the blood brain barrier (BBB) into the brain.  Certain toxins such as Gliadin, Gliadomorpin (an opioid peptide) and enzyme inhibitors can result from the ingestion of the gluten protein.  It is more prevalent due to the mutated enhanced gluten found in our daily bread.  The neurotoxicity that can result in some individuals may lead, according to research, to many neurological and psychiatric conditions.  Examples of such conditions are: Schizophrenia, Autism, ADD/ADHD (hyperactivity), Bipolar Disorder, Alzheimer’s,and depression.

According to studies, clinical symptoms of gluten sensitivity and some psychiatric conditions bear a very close resemblance.  Gluten sensitive individuals are classically thin and a protruding stomach.  They have frequent and painful diarrhea.  Their facial expression is gaunt and drawn suggesting depression or mood disorder.  Coincidentally a face like that has been plaster all over the news lately because of his mental condition.  Is there a connection? In the recent months we have had two young adults commit heinous crimes against society.  The mental illness concern is being ignored by Congress.  The fact that these individuals both were the same age, both very smart but had mood swings and were anti-social is not being addressed.  Is there a food connection?  Were these individuals poisoning themselves and their brains with the processed food they were ingesting.  Are there more of these young aggressive unstable adults running around?

Osteoarthritis and Gluten

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

While most of my blog are more informative in nature; this one is a little more personal.  Both my parents had osteoarthritis in their hands.  Dad’s hand were more inflamed and Mom’s showed more bone growths on her joints of her hands.  Both started complaining about their hands in their 50′s.  They tried everything that was suggested in their time.  Nothing worked.  They both followed very healthy diets with low alcohol intake.  Still their arthritis persisted.  As for me, my arthritis started  in my late forties,16 years after my last baby.  The same years span happen to my youngest sister, while the middle sister started in her thirties( she had no children).  Research is now showing that hormones protect against arthritis whether is slows down the disease or delays the triggers that start the disease.  Most research show women that are pregnant have no signs of arthritis in their blood.  So the question can be asked: do we use hormones to protect against the threat of arthritis but then take the risk of cancer?

One aspect that has not been studied until lately is diet.  A few studies are looking at the added gluten in our flour and coming up with the idea that perhaps more diseases have more inflammation due to the enhanced gluten in our flour of today.  So my doctor asked me to give up wheat and gluten.  Realize that I wrote two books about it, but did not have the GI tract symptoms my husband and sons did.  So while I cooked at home gluten-free, when I was a work or with friends I ate gluten.  To prepare myself for the change, I started baking gluten-free: cornbread, banana bread, and pumpkin bread. None of these recipes are in my book, but do not worry I will soon be on Utube with the recipes and helpful hints.  Anyways, I had my breads with my yogurt or egg in the morning.  I had gluten-free baguettes for sandwiches which were really tasty, and gluten-free dinners.  A few interesting things changed.  The first change was within two weeks I could get my rings back on my fingers.  My massage therapist noted that my hands in her estimation had less inflammation.  Within one month I noticed that my pain was less in my hands and again the inflammation associated with the arthritis was better.  Also my craving for sweets was gone.  I mean just gone.  I did not feel the need to sneak a donut or candy.  I can’t explain but there it is.  My weight is were I want it.  My soreness in my neck (in one particular spot) is gone and the bags under my eyes are gone.  I wanted to share this with everyone.  I also will be sharing how easy it is now to go gluten-free on Utube.  Look for it.