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Archive for August, 2012

What Do I Use Instead of Wheat?

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Wheat and Gluten-free cooking is challenging.  But it is not as difficult as it used to be.  Wheat/Gluten-free items are in every supermarket and grocery store in the nation.  Speciality stores have more variety and choices than supermarkets.  All in all shopping wheat/gluten-free is easier.  Websites especially have lists of Safe Gluten-free foods.  Now the question arises “What do I do with these flours and products?”  Here are some ideas.  Buckwheat flour- no it has nothing to do with wheat flour.  Buckwheat is a dark flour that by itself is quite strong.  I mix it with some rice flour, eggs ,salt, baking soda, milk and sugar for pancakes.  Amaranth, chick pea, and pea flours are also not to be used by themselves.  They need to be mixed with milder flours when baking.  Sorghum flour used with a little white rice flour, and other ingredients makes a great pie crust.  I really like potato starch for sponge cakes.  My recipe for “Nel’s Sponge cake” is in the recipe section of this website.  I often use it for strawberry short cakes.  Ragi a very high protein flour is not my favorite because of taste, but our whole family loves Quinoa.  Tapioca flour is the main ingredient for “Against the Grain” breads.  You find them in the supermarkets. That brand is one of my husband’s favorites.  Teff flour is being used for wraps.  I have a video coming up on their use. “ Udi” bread, pizza and other products are another favorite of my husband.  He especially like the flat pizzas. Corn, Flax, Millet, Masa Harina, Kasha, and Oats are flour and grains that are Wheat/Gluten-free.  Be careful that other ingredients that contain wheat or gluten are not included.  Example: I found a great organic oat cereal.  Unfortunately it contained barley which contains gluten so it was not wheat/gluten-free.   Hydrolyzed meat protein and hydrolyzed soy protein are both wheat/gluten-free.  You will find these ingredients in most fast food tacos.  Dextran and Maltodextrin are two ingredients I have worried about.  They are both wheat/gluten-free.  For a complete list of Safe Gluten-free Foods click on the celiac web-page I have list earlier in this blog.

Why We Should Stop Eating Wheat and Gluten

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

America’s way of eating has changed throughout the decades.  As a nation, we have progressed from traditional meals that out parents taught us to processed food that is fast, convenient, and microwavable.  Unfortunately, these foods are causing Americans to become fat and disease prone.  Because of the mutations to our wheat over the decades, the  wheat of the past generations is not available to our modern society.  The wheat of today has the following problems:

1.  The wheat of today contains a gluten protein that has been enhanced.  This enhanced protein makes muffins and rolls fluffier. It makes breads softer.  It also causes stomach, intestinal problems and inflammation throughout the body.  Many individuals are finding that they are sensitive to this enhanced gluten protein whether it is an autoimmune reaction(Celiac disease) or gluten-sensitivity. 

2.  When gluten is broken down it forms “peptides” in the body.  These “peptides” stimulate receptors in parts of the body.  The brain is one area that the peptides affect.  It appears that the brain craves certain wheat products (breads, pastas, pizza) like someone that craves herion or morphine.  The individual will binge eat and increase their calorie intake cause weight problems and obesity.   Research is further suggesting that this form of eating behavior can be treated with the same drugs used against addictive drugs.

3.  The form of wheat we eat today,whether white or whole wheat, is very high in starch.  It is considered to have a very high Glyceric Index.  Two slices of bread have more sugar than: a bowl of ice cream, two tablespoons of sugar, or a soft drink.  The sugar from the bread is absorbed in the blood so fast that the blood sugar level go up and down in spikes causing the pancreas to produce insulin quickly to level the spikes in the blood.  These spikes and leveling over-work the pancreas resulting with  the pancreas not able to  produce enough insulin.  One out of three children born every year will have diabetes.  It is scary to think that the so called healthy sandwich you fix for school is really causing pre-diabetes.

What can we do?  First stop thinking that wheat products are healthy.  They were 50 years ago.  Due to mutations and manufacturing changes wheat is no longer healthy.  Instead it makes us fat and predisposes us to disease.  It is time to make a change!

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