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Archive for December, 2011

Gluten-free and Balanced Appetizers for the Holidays

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Celebrate the Holidays with Gluten-free appetizers.  Some of the obvious choices are Shrimp with cocktail sauce, veggies with dip, cheese ball with gluten-free crackers like Glutino.  Other ideas include: mini-meatballs(using gluten-free bread crumbs) with sauce; wrapped melon and prosciutto; toothpicks each with a cube of mozzarella, 1//2 salami slice, basil and grape tomatoes; stuffed mushrooms; endive leaves with a blue cheese mix; toast points with toppings such: as smoked salmon, bruschetta, or cheese mix.  That seems easy but now try and make the appetizer so they are not all acid.  Most holiday parties have nothing but acid food.  This sets up an acid reflux later in the evening for the party goers.  So give your guests the gift of balanced foods so their night is a pleasant one instead of a painful one.  This takes a little more thinking on your part.  Let’s go back to our list of appetizers.  The shrimp is acid.  The sauce can be a little alkaline but barely.  The veggies are alkaline, but if you use cream cheese that is acid.  Instead make a dip out of organic yogurt which is alkaline.  The cheese ball with the crackers are both acids only way to even it out is to use sliced apples or pears instead of crackers.  The mini-meatballs are acid, but you could make a sauce that is alkaline.  The melon is alkaline, the prosciutto is acid.  The toothpick appetizer is half acid and half alkaline as are the mushrooms and endive with cheese.  The toast points are acid as are the smoked salmon and cheese topping, the bruschetta can be alkaline if you make it yourself.  Serving mulled Apple Cider will help neutralize the alcohol served.  Making these changes, you have done your best to present a Gluten-free and balanced appetizer party. Happy Holidays!