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Archive for August, 2011

A Diet Rich in Omega-3s, Is It the Newest Defense against Diseases?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

For many years the Public Health officials have suggested a diet of carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, and low-fats.  However, the nation as a whole has not become healthier, in fact diabetes and obesity have increased dramatically.  Other diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease have also increased dramatically.  What to do? Maybe a re-evaluation of the food recommendations needs to be made.  Omega-3 fats are emerging as a top disease fighter.  Recent research is revealing that Omega-3 fats are: 1. Reducing the risk of Advanced Prostrate Cancer, Shown as a way to improve heart health, Can limit the tumor growth linked with Cancer, Have a positive effect on behavior and cognition for children with ADHD, Reduce the chances of colon cancer, and Reduce the event of Stroke severity.  All this research noting the benefits of Omega-3s. Why did I have to search hard to find this information? 

To Be continued…..

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Related to Type II Diabetes? Part 2: How can I reduce my risk?

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Data from studies around the world has found the biggest risk factors related to Alzheimer’s Disease.  They are: smoking, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, and the Western Diet.  Lack of education concerning risks also contributes to the Disease.  As noted before in my last blog, the amount of individuals that will get Alzheimer’s Disease is expected to triple around the world.  That type of growth is not connected to genetic heredity.  Though there is some research concerning the relationship between parents who have Alzheimer’s and their children.  Mostly, the research is pointing to changing lifestyles.   More studies are reporting that lifestyle change will help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.  Ceasing smoking is very hard and takes motivation.   The Western Diet of 60 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 10 percent fruits and vegetables, is just the opposite of what our body needs.  Individuals consume in the Western diet approximately 200 pounds of sugar a year.   With all the unhealthy processed food people are consuming, more and more individuals are becoming over- weight and obese.  At this point in time the future of soceity does not look good with preventable diseases multiplying.  For the individual that really wants to reduce their risk, here are some basic suggestions: Start eating a diet of 60 percent fruit and vegetables, 20 percent protein, and 20 percent “complex” carbohydrates.  Learn to cook.  Stop eating processed food and get your food from local farmers not food that has been flown in with preservatives.  If you smoke- stop;you have a very high risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Type II Diabetes.  Exercise daily, if you can if not try at least three to four times a week.  Try to prevent hypertension by decreasing alcohol and sugar consumption.   The information coming from the recent research claims Alzheimer’s Disease may be preventable, it is up to you.