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Archive for February, 2011

Celiac Disease and It’s Connection to Autoimmune Disease: Sjögren’s Disease

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Prior to the 1980 the connection between Celiac Disease and other autoimmune diseases was ignored by the medical community.  The reason for the lack of interest in Celiac Disease was the incorrect assumption that the junctions in the intestine are inert and impermeable.  Research in the 1980′s found that toxin produced in the intestine by Celiac Disease mechanism cause permeability of the small intestine.  A process named “leaky gut”.  This process allowed the toxins formed into other parts of the body.  The body reacting where there are hyperactive immune cells.

The main autoimmune diseases now associated with Celiac Disease are: type 1 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.  Now Sjögren’s Disease has been added to the list.  Sjögren’s is an autoimmune disease that causes the saliva glands in the mouth to dry up.  It also effects the tear ducts in the eye.  It also has a component of inflammation.  Many cases often have a high risk of lymphoma.  As with the other autoimmune diseases adhering to a gluten-free diet helps to stop or retard the disease process.