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Archive for June, 2010

Eight Years of Diarrhea (Part 3 – Negotiating the Gluten-free Jungle)

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

After the lady of our story was diagnosis with gluten intolerance, she assumed that her problems were over.  “Just stop eating items containing gluten”, were the instructions of her physician.  A task easier said than done.  She stopped eating breads, pastas, and crackers containing wheat. She stopped using normal flour for cooking.  However, the immediate change in her condition did not occur.  She still had some problems with diarrhea.  Her physician retested her for gluten and found she still tested positive.  What was she doing wrong?  Her physician assumed that she knew that gluten is used in commercial foods as a thickener or binder and did not give her a list of possible condiments containing gluten.  This time he told her to read the ingredients of EVERYTHING.  She found that her ice cream, cheese spreads, yogurt, canned fruits, creamed vegetables, and soups, even broths, all contained gluten.  Her condiments such as soy sauce, mustards, some ketchups, and salad dressings contained gluten.  Her spices, extracts, flavorings, even her favorite candy, all contained gluten.  Becoming gluten-free was not as easy as she thought.

To be continued……….

Eight Years of Diarrhea (Part 2 -the symptoms)

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Our lady in this story started noticing a skin rash on her forearms.  She did not experience any itching or pain from the rash.  A few months later the rash spread to almost every part of her body.  She went to a dermatologist who performed a skin biopsy.  The results showed lupus.  She was then referred to a rheumatologist for consultation and tests.  The medicine prescribed by the rheumatologist cleared the skin rash but not the diarrhea.  She was then sent to a gastroenterologist to see if her chronic diarrhea was related to her lupus.  After her second colonoscopy she was finally diagnosis with colitis.  However, none of the medications prescribed helped the diarrhea.  After some research she found a gluten savy doctor and was tested for gluten intolerance.  The test results were positve.  Unfortunately this was not the end of her story.

To be continued…..