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Are We Poisoning Our Babies? Part 3 (Autism: Can We Take The Chance?)

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

There are many theories on the causes of Autism.  The most popular one was the vaccine with the additive: thimerosal.  It was thought that once this additive as removed from vaccines in 1999 that a drop in Autism diagnoses would occur.  They were wrong.  Instead the number of Autism diagnoses has continued to rise.  According to the CDC, Autism has increased to 1 out of 70 in boys, and 1 out of 315 in girls.  This is a great concern.  Most specialists agree that ASDs (Autism Spectrum disorder) is multifactoral.  Besides the risk related to genetic factors, there is a debate concerning “environmental triggers”.  As a grandparent I am not concerned about the debate, I am however concerned about the risks.

The most vulnerable years for Autism are birth to 2 years.  During that time, while the brain is developing any trauma, toxins,pathogens and other environmental risks may cause irreparable permanent damage.  So what is an environmental risk?  Everyone is coming up with theories.  I am adding my theory to the mix.

The Traub Theory: Overstimulation from Television and like devices plus eating undigestible proteins.

1. Autism Clustering: A study that linked the high rate of Autism in households with cable television is being looked at by experts.  It is known that babies cannot assimilate too much stimulation at one time.  So households with the television constantly on plus loud music may be a “risk factor”.  Your baby needs quiet time.  Please give it to him/her.

2. Baby Food has changed: The baby food that your mother gave you is not what your baby is getting.  What you think is safe is Not!  I recently found gluten in Gerber’s Little Graduates and whey protein (milk) in their meat rolls.  Most babies cannot digest the proteins gluten and casein at an early age.  Putting protein in baby food for 8 month olds maybe ill-advised and dangerous.  If the baby has not developed (or lost due to antibiotics) the endopetidase enzymes necessary to digest gluten and casein then opium-like substances will be produced.  These products called gluteomorphin and casomorphin, will render the child in an opium-like stupor.  These proteins also cause other symptoms such as: vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, gaseousness, abdominal discomfort, colitis, rashes, dermatitis, eczema, and itching.

Now add the television effect to a baby under the influence of an opium-like substance (gluteomorphin and casomorphin).  The rate of information transferring from television into a brain that cannot defend itself may cause dangerous consequences.  Will it cause brain damage? I don’t know.  I am just putting out the theory.  But if I had a baby between the ages of birth and 2 years, I would not give my child any wheat (gluten) or milk.  I would read every label.  I would not give my child any food that has more than 6 ingredients.  I would not overexpose my baby to television (already associated with ADHD).  Once brain damage has occurred it cannot be reversed.  As a child, you the parent were not exposed to these risks.  Why should your child? Can you take the chance?

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