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Archive for November, 2008

Preventive Measures For A Healthy Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

During the Holiday Season, we are all cooking up a storm. With allergy individuals some thought and research needs to be used while cooking and shopping. For example, I went to my organic store the other day for organic powdered sugar. Regular brands contain cornstarch and I did not want that.  I picked up the Wholesome Brand Powdered Sugar which contains organic sugar and organic tapioca starch. Then I went to my regular grocery store and bought some other items that were not a problem. While going down the aisle I notice that this store had organic powdered sugar. ”Oh Good” I thought, “I can give this store a good recommendation for trying”. I picked up the powdered sugar and read the label. It contained sugar and “organic cornstarch”. That is why I have two rules: Buy organic and read labels! This company was able to say it was “Organic” because corn is not considered an allergen by the FDA. But corn sufferers know better.

So for the Holidays with guests coming, find out if anyone has any allergies. Read all labels especially soups before making any recipes for these individuals. Make sure that your meals are early enough for the stomach to have 3 hours of digestion before everyone lays down and goes to sleep (this may prevent gastric reflux).  Just a little extra time and preparation can make the difference for your guests and family’s enjoyment of the Holidays.

The Holiday Feast

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

On Saturday November 1st, some members of my family and friends helped  stage my “Holiday Feast for Allergy Sufferers”. We took pictures of the food while the turkey cooled. The meal consisted of appetizers: Turkey Wrapped Scallops, Belgium Endive with Roquefort Cheese and Almonds, and an assortment of sheep and goat cheeses. The main course consisted of: Gluten-free Giblet Gravy, Brined and Barbecued Organic Turkey (not stuffed), Organic Cranberry Sauce, Green Salad with Roquefort Cheese (sheep) and Dijon Dressing, Mash Potatoes made with Organic Yukon Potatoes, and Gluten-free Stuffing (oven cooked). The dessert was Pumpkin Chiffon Pie make with a Rice Flour Crust. Everything tasted great.The turkey melted in your mouth.  My husband, who at first thought the turkey was somewhat pricey, decided it was worth every cent. He was excited that he could eat the crust of the pie. Everyone loved the meal and the best part was after the meal no one experienced any stomach distress, IBS, GERD, or achy joints.