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Archive for October, 2008

The Physical

Monday, October 20th, 2008

My husband had his yearly physical last month. After his test, he was in the examination room with his doctor waiting to discuss the results. His physician kept going through the sheet holding the results and then he went through the results again. By now my husband was beginning to get nervous. His doctor finally looked up and said “I don’t get it. All the blood tests came out great. Your blood pressure is down and you lost 12 pounds. How did you do it?” My husband smiled and gave him my business card with my book title “Food to Some, Poison to Others”. He was a very happy camper when he came home.

The Gluten-free Sandwich Solution

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

My youngest son called me the other day. He was having problems with his sandwiches falling apart. He was making them the night before because of time issues. His favorite bread is “Food for Life” the one made with millet grain. He solved his problem by spraying Pam on the bread and microwaving it 25 seconds. 

I thought this was a good idea, except Pam has soy and a propellant in it. So I decided to try it with olive oil instead. I brushed olive oil on one side of each sandwich slice. I had only the regular rice bread from “Food for Life”, not my son’s favorite. I microwaved it for 25 seconds at 70% because we have a VERY strong microwave. Then I made my husband a tuna sandwich, and wrapped it in clear plastic wrap. My husband ate it the next day.  He said the bread stayed together, it was moist and very tasty. Problem solved.