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eat is a site dedicated to educating and motivating people
with food allergies, and providing ways to eat healthy allergy-free food

Welcome to The purpose of this site is to educate, help, and motivate the allergic/intolerant adult and/or parents of allergy children. Secondly to give information that will update the individual on new medical breakthroughs and pertinent medical studies. Lastly the purpose is to inform the allergy sufferer of ways to eat healthy allergy-free foods and enjoy life.

Terry Traub has been in the health field for 37 years. She is a practicing Registered Dental Hygienist with a degree in Public Health. She has two sons, both with Celiac Disease. The youngest also has lactose intolerance. Her husband just showed symptoms of Celiac in the last two years. Click here for more about Terry and her book.

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Raising Healthy Gluten-free Children
Mon, Aug 14, 2017
With all allergy children, it takes hours of diligent care and awareness to keep these children healthy and safe.  Educating your children, their playmates, parents, care-givers, and teachers is critical.  You cannot assume anything with individuals outside your sphere.  As an example, one night my husband and I went out to dinner.  I explained to the babysitter that the boys could not have any form of wheat and showed her the acceptable foods . . .

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